Friday, December 14, 2007

"Tape Speed!"

It's been a little while since my last post...I wanted to let you know, dear reader, that you may be hearing from me a little more often in January, though perhaps not in this particular rarely-updated blog.

I will cover most aspects of the "Sound" role on the set of The Mountain, The River and The Road, a film by Michael Harring, throughout the month of January 2008. Mike has set the crew up with access to the film's blog. We'll all be working long days on the film but we're going to try to keep the blog updated with our progress, musings, picures (perhaps some sounds, even) from the locations.

This produciton will be the second time I've covered the Sound role on an independent film. My first real dance in this role was on the set of Jason Ryan's film trailer, Ugly (Is A Movie). I've leared quite a bit so far doing this kind of work, and I am excited to learn more on the MRR production. In between these projects I've worked sound on training videos for my cancer research day-job and for my wife's non-profit org. I've gotten more comfortable setting up lavaliere mics, setting up and tearing down gear between shots, troubleshooting malfunctioning mixers, etc...I am looking forward to getting into the rhythm working on a set again.

I've done this kind of work gratis so far, or for a day-job (and therefore folded into the day-job's wages) I type this I am reminded of things that I've put off and need to get to, like setting up a business license so I can start writing off mic purchases, as opposed to renting mics all the time. I will not make a New Year's Resolution to do this licensing bit, as I never keep such sentimental promises. Instead I will blog about this self-imposed dilemma...the thought of the shame of looking at this post months later without being licensed will get me to the Chamber of Commerce! :)

I hope this post finds you all well, hopefully free from fires and floods on our warming planet. I will spend January working to get good audio for MRR. One of these days you'll get to see the finished film, if all goes well. I will also work to get some Sun Vow recordings mastered...more to come (tm The Tonight Show).

Feliz Navidad,