Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Operation: Love-Handle Obliteration

So, I have been moderately overweight for several years, probably at least since 1999, when I quit smoking one pack of tobacco cigarettes per day...this was also when I began to notice my fondness for sitting at the Buckaroo Tavern, Ileen's Sports Bar (replaced by Julia's on Broadway c. 2001, r.i.p.), etc., rolling through two or three pints/shots/cocktails, on average, with essentially no aerobic exercise. Indeed, I have probably not done much of anything close to regular aerobic exercise since my distant high school days (LWHS Class of '91).

I have had two cholesterol tests in twelve months. My total cholesterol is now above 280, alas. At age 33 I currently clock in at 182 lbs., so yeah, I am still moderately overweight, and I can no longer use the quitting-smoking story as an excuse for my 20 lb. friend that circles my belt-line.

So, I am going to run my ass off at
24 Hour Fitness for a while (my employer has a corporate membership there) and use FitDay to track my calorie intake. It is humbling to see how much goes in and how little I burn relative to it. All of this stuff is a bit of a shock: keeping a journal of my every movement, from walking up the stairs at my house to a cup of decaf that I make in the afternoon to a morning walk to my office from Jackson AVE S, will take some getting-used-to. It's cool, though...I look forward to my goal of 170 lbs. by May 1, 2007. We'll see if I can make it.

In totally unrelated news: I have not yet taken a photo of my Day of the Dead altar...a couple housemates of mine couldn't wait to eat the little chocolate skull that accompanied it, so the photo will lack said skull. I will remember to take a picture of the altar tonight. Also, I have been remiss in posting a couple last batches of wedding photos: I will get on that tonight as well. I hope that the weather is nice where you are, dear reader. The 98101 ZIP code is overcast and rain-soaked today...I don't mind it so much. It gives me an excuse to wear wool.

Con sincero,

P.S. Thanks for the comments!


George said...

hello Jason,
I was wondering how tall you are?
I am about 6'6" and around 180 pounds also. Except it fits me lanky as hell but I am getting fatter were I should be getting muscle(like you). So from MO I will join you on your fitness adventure. Hopefully turning into lifestyle. YOUr BIL

Jason said...

Long-time no-see, BiL! I have managed to get my 5'9" frame down to 170 lbs...been eating better (steel-cut oats, avoiding but not totally discounting hamburger/taco cravings, etc.)...ah, I'll bet you're as sharp-lookin' as ever. I need a haircut...